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     On this page, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the background of each seamstress, know what they have to offer and learn what is "unique" about Unique Sewing Solutions. 

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Joanne Girouard - Owner of Unique Sewing Solutions

     I was born and raised in a small community in Kent County in New Brunswick. 

After High School,  I started working in the food industries for 5 years. Afterwards, I took a Esthetic course where I worked in the field for 5 years also.

I worked several other careers but sewing was always my passion. I was very interested in sewing from a young age and with 42 years of experience ; I decided to open my Sewing Studio in October 2018 and then moved to the current location on Coverdale Road in December 2018.

I started off working by myself for 3 and a half years, specializing in hemming, alterations and embroidery. Eventually, I expanded a bit more with Prestige DryCleaning and Boutique Du Cordonnier as depots. Having the dry cleaning and the specialist in zippers, shoe repair, etc. that resulted in hiring my first employee in May 2022 and a second seamstress in July 2022. 

In the near future, I will be offering a variety of sewing classes from beginners to advanced. This will include getting familiar with different type of sewing machines and learning how to sew different patterns or projects that you would choose from.

Diane LeBlanc - Seamstress

      Born and raised in Riverview , I’ve come back home after 40 years of travel, adventure and most importantly learning. I left here with a diploma in book keeping and accounting from Oulton’s College and somewhere along the way I ended up in Halifax and in the Costume Studies program at Dalhousie University, who knew I could sew, I sure didn’t, but my professor at Dal saw something and the rest is history.

I started out making costumes for the theatre productions all across Canada, in the film and tv industry. Afterwards, I adventured into Cirque du Soleil, dance and cruise ships. The Covid pandemic even had me doing mass production of nursing gowns with my employer Jean Francois Rochefort in Montreal. I’ve always done alterations for people on all my travels and I’m so grateful that I reached out to Joanne when I moved home and that she gave me a chance to prove myself.

P.S. Happy to be working in my hometown


Meet the Team

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